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Text features, posters

Non-Fiction Text Features Posters.

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  • Elementary Test Prep ELA 4 Text Features.

  • Nonfiction Text Features 12-in-1 Poster Set

    Reinders Poster

    Text features, posters

    Nonfiction Text Features: Posters &.

    Know how to use the features of your textbook. * Table of Contents * Headings
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    With the Common Core's increased emphasis on nonfiction, this packet with be very helpful in keeping your students engaged and involved in a wide variety of
    This packet contains colorful posters to teach 16 non-fiction text features to teach informational text! -guide words -title page -table of contents -index -glossary
    Cut post-it-note labels into small strips and let your students identify nonfiction text features on laminated magazines or Scholastic Readers.
    Congratulations on your purchase of this Really Good Stuff® Nonfiction Text Features 12-in-1 Poster Set—a comprehensive way to teach features included in
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    Text features, posters

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